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Makati, Quezon City, Ortigas: Where to work?

Posted on 3 September 2012 in Ask EdgeWise

Everyone has a dream job and with that, a dream job location too. ASHLEY LUCAS asked some college students where they’d like to work. Here are their responses.


“Can my employer monitor my internet use?”

Posted on 9 June 2011 in Ask EdgeWise

Internet monitoring is being done by some companies not to invade employee privacy but to prevent internet misuse. HR professional Grace Rayos sets the record straight on who’s monitoring what.


CareerCamp at St. Paul QC: Some questions from the students

Posted on 20 May 2011 in Ask EdgeWise

St. Paul QC students share their “dream careers” at CareerCamp event. On March 4, 2011, a CareerCamp was held at St. Paul University – Quezon City for the senior students of its College of Business and Technology, sponsored by Myra E. This time around, CareerCamp offered a personality development session led by Helen Buencamino. Called […]


“Should I tell my friends how much I’ve been offered?”

Posted on 2 December 2010 in Ask EdgeWise

With the internet and social networking sites like Facebook, the boundaries of privacy have blurred. When is information too much? Why are your classmates comparing job offers and starting salaries? To get a sense of salary standards? Or as an exercise in one-upmanship?


Questions from Enderun Students

Posted on 10 August 2010 in Ask EdgeWise

A CareerCamp event was held recently at Enderun Colleges. Students majoring in International Hospitality Management were given career workshops and a talk featuring executives from three major hotel chains. They had more career questions than the Q&A time could cover, so the EdgeWise.PH editorial team pitched in with some answers.


“I just started this job but I received a better offer elsewhere”

Posted on 22 June 2010 in Ask EdgeWise

You may feel some stress about this, but you are actually torn between two positive alternatives. What you need to make the best decision is information, and some criteria that you set for yourself.


“I didn’t join enough orgs in college…”

Posted on 2 March 2010 in Ask EdgeWise

“I didn’t join enough orgs in college and now my resume looks so empty. Will that matter when I start applying?” – Tricia, Pasig


“I got a job offer but it’s only a contractual position”

Posted on 17 December 2009 in Ask EdgeWise

“I got a job offer but it’s only a contractual position. What does that mean?” – Arnold, Mandaluyong


“How do I know which course will help me get a good job?”

Posted on 29 November 2009 in Ask EdgeWise

“I’m thinking of shifting because my course is no longer ‘in demand.’ How do I know which course is ‘in demand’ and will help me get a good job?” – Sheila, Parañaque


“Desired salary – what do I say?”

Posted on 15 August 2009 in Ask EdgeWise

“Interviewers keep asking me what my ‘desired salary’ is, but I’m worried that if I give a figure that’s too high, they won’t hire me. What do I say?” – Richie, Malabon