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It’s in the Genes: Family Business, Go or No?

Posted on 17 April 2012 in Making Money

Families are a basic institution of society. But when it comes to earning money should they be the source, too? ABIGAIL AZUL weighs the options of choosing between joining the family business or striking it on your own.


The Real Deal on Real Estate Careers

Posted on 6 March 2012 in Making Money

What is the deal with real estate? When you invest in real estate it requires a lot of money. If you have spare money this is the smart thing to invest in since land prices keep up with inflation and the standard of living. But what’s a student or graduating student to do if they want a career path in real estate? ABIGAIL AZUL offers some advice for the budding real estate agent.


New ‘My View’ Video Contest Focuses on Energy for All

Posted on 22 November 2011 in Making Money, NetWORK

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Powering up the largest city to the smallest village in Asia and the Pacific with clean, sustainable energy is the focus of the latest Asian Development Bank (ADB) ‘My View’ video contest which is launched today. The annual competition gives aspiring filmmakers a chance to produce a short film to illustrate key […]


2011 National Geographic Photo Contest

Posted on 18 November 2011 in Making Money

From the National Geographic website: As a leader in capturing our world through brilliant imagery, National Geographic sets the standard for photographic excellence. Last year, we received more than 16,000 contest entries submitted by photographers from 130 countries. Well, it’s that time of year again—send us your winning shots in any of these three categories: […]


2012 Adarna House Chapter Book Contest (English and Filipino)

Posted on 18 November 2011 in Making Money, NetWORK

Rules (English): 1. The contest is open to all Filipino citizens, aged 18 or older, except those who are related to any Adarna House employee up to the third degree of consanguinity. 2. Each entry should be written in Filipino, and must be a novel of at least 15 chapters. 3. Entries should be directed […]


A Tip on Minimum Wage Rates

Posted on 27 July 2011 in Making Money

People working in the service industry may be disappointed over their daily wage but it may come as a surprise to them that in the United States, most of the earnings of waiters and waitresses and other service employees come mostly from tips.


The Frugal Traveler

Posted on 14 April 2011 in Making Money

Traveling is very expensive but if you are equipped with the right knowledge and skills, you may spend less than expected. ABIGAIL AZUL lines up a few money-saving tips to get the most out of your vacation.


Recover From Holiday Spending

Posted on 19 January 2011 in Making Money

Financially bouncing back after the holidays may be tough for many people, but it’s not impossible to do. Start off with a good recovery plan to work at fixing your post-holiday financial woes. Rachel Faith Cruz tells us how we can recoup those expenses while still enjoying the New Year.


First Big Purchase, A Big Deal

Posted on 11 January 2011 in Making Money

Once you start working and your student allowance is replaced by a monthly salary, the temptation to shop will be coming your way. You’ll also feel the need to make a big purchase, but will it be worth it?


Managing the Costs of Daily Work Commute

Posted on 21 July 2010 in Making Money

Adjusting to the daily grind in the metro is one of the biggest areas of change for fresh college graduates. In selecting a job, it is important to consider how efficient and cost-effective your daily commute will be.