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New Year’s Resolutions for the Future Job Seeker

What will it take for you to have a better chance at excelling in your chosen career? Millicent Bartolome says the New Year can be a great way to start.


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    As you transition from being a full time student into a young professional, here are some New Year resolutions to help guide you as you find your place in your chosen field:

    Learn how to write a resume
    A resume is the first and most vital tool in a job application. Make your resume stand out from the rest of the applicants by keeping it brief and concise, with entries that emphasize the particular skills relevant to the that job you’re applying for. If you don’t have any professional experience yet, indicate the trainings, seminars and apprenticeships that you’ve attended. Highlight your academic achievements and extra-curricular activities.

    Excel at your internship
    As you complete the required number of hours of your internship, remember that your internship or apprenticeship is not just a requirement for graduation. It allows you to learn about your chosen profession, apply what you’ve learned from school, and learn new skills that will help you become more valuable to your future employer. Remember that employers observe the performance of their interns in the workplace to see if they are a good fit. If you show potential, your internship can lead to a job with the company after graduation.

    Practice through mock interviews
    While interviews can be nerve wracking, you can prepare for them by practicing through mock interviews. Prepare a series of questions frequently asked by the interviewer such as “What can you contribute to our company”? Request a family member or a friend to play the role of the interviewer and answer the questions as if you are really trying to show them why you are the best fit for the job. Request for a feedback on how you answer the questions so that you know how to get better.

    Attend Career Talks
    Attend career talks given by your school and other career counselors to learn more about the essentials of job hunting such as resume writing, corporate dressing, and proper decorum during the job application process, especially interviews.

    Attend Job Fairs
    Go to job fairs, sometimes held concurrently with career talks. There, you can find out contact names and addresses where you can send your resume, ask questions from the company representative, and learn more about the process by which the company chooses its future hires.

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    2 Responses to “New Year’s Resolutions for the Future Job Seeker”

    1. bcaruncho3 8 January 2014 at 5:02 pm #

      To expound on excelling in internship and going beyond treatment of it as mere requirement, I have this to say: Don’t wait for things to do or depend too much on supervision. I have observed many interns (through their weekly intern’s logs, as well as visitations) that many would report having done only one thing for four hours (or eight), or, reports of “waiting for tasks.” How you make the most of company time and with minimal supervision, as well as expressing concern for the company are turning point criteria that increase the chances of job offers after internship. — Benjamin Caruncho III

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