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Lend a hand: Be a volunteer this Summer

by Maria Carmela De los Reyes


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    You may now be feeling the heat of the summer season, and may also be so excited to finally enjoy your most-awaited vacation. But forget about beach outings and out-of-town trips. Throw out your bikinis and swimsuits because you wouldn’t need them anyway. All you need is yourself, and your desire to help. Reach out and become a volunteer.

    By being a volunteer you do not just improve your own life, you help others improve their lives. If you can spend days doing nothing, wouldn’t you rather spend time doing something that makes a difference? Listed below are some of the organizations that have volunteer programs that you may join this summer:

    By conducting medical missions, Uplift Internationale helps deprived children with facial deformities, particularly those with cleft lip and cleft palates live a different life — a new life where they will no longer be ridiculed for not being able to speak audibly, smile and even whistle. Further, the surgeries that they provide for the children are free. Make a child smile, be a volunteer!

    The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) is dedicated to rehabilitate animals, mostly cats and dogs, that had been maltreated by their previous owners and other people. You can give hope to these animals that suffered cruelty by helping them find new homes. Help find a home for homeless dogs and cats. Support PAWS shelter.

    Gawad Kalinga has been reaching out to the poor since 2003. And since then, it never stopped hoping that we can end poverty so long as we all work hand-in-hand. Through its volunteer programs, especially the yearly Bayanihan challenge, many lives have been changed. Lands were given to the landless, homes were built for the homeless, foods were provided for the poor, and most especially all these people were given hope. Give hope to others, start by being part of Team GK.

    He Cares Foundation (HCF) is a Christian non-profit organization that reaches out to poor children, particularly street children within Metro Manila. The foundation provides basic needs for children, like food, clothing, and education. It has five programs namely: Balik-Loob sa Diyos, Balik-Kalusugan, Balik-Bahay, Balik-Aral, and Balik-Hanapbuhay. Through these programs, street children were sent back home. They were also given educational opportunities and medical assistance. Further, livelihoods were provided to the families of the street children to support their child. Help clear the streets; help in sending street children back to their homes.

    There are many other organizations where you can volunteer, depending on your interest. In the end, it does not matter if you volunteered in a well-known organization or not. What matters most is that you try to make a change-both to the lives of others and your own. So what are you waiting for? Start that life-changing experience this summer!


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