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College SOS: Survive in 5 steps

Freshmen, don’t panic! Ashley Lucas shares how to make that first sem seem so much easier.


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    College is intimidating for many incoming freshmen. After graduating high school they think they could finally breathe and relax, but it really is only the beginning.

    From choosing the right course, deciding which school to enter, printing and photocopying endless documents, taking the entrance exams – ending up in the right school seems like it’s all about luck sometimes.

    When you start feeling in over your head, don’t panic. Keep these in mind:

    1.     Don’t overpack. Bring only what’s necessary, like a notebook and pen. It’s not high school, you won’t need to bring as many things.

    2.     On the first day of class, take notes. It helps even if the first lesson covers only the routine stuff that you think you already know so well. This is a good habit to have in class anyway, and you’ll make a good first impression with your teachers.

    3.     Find at least two students you can be friends with. Don’t just stick with your old group, if you happen to be starting college with some friends from high school. It’s important to build a good relationship with your new classmates. Studying with someone or a group of people also helps you keep motivated.

    4.     Be ready to meet people who disagree with you. Most of the time they won’t be enemies; they’re just people who see the world differently. Keep an open mind.

    5.     Work hard, but don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember that you’re there to learn, but don’t get frustrated when things are not what you expected. Remember, be good to yourself. And relax sometimes!


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