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Preparing for the Real World: CareerCamp La Consolacion College Manila

What do fresh grads need to know before they start applying for jobs? RICA FERNANDEZ went to a CareerCamp and found out.


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    In June, most fourth year college students this semester won’t be going to school anymore. They’ll join and compete with thousands of people all over the country in search of a job. Instead of filling out information sheets for enrollment, they’ll be writing and handing out resumes. They’ll be meeting bosses and co-workers, not professors and classmates. No more quizzes and recitations, but job interviews.

    Moving into the real world after college graduation surely seems tough (and scary!), but the graduating students of La Consolacion College Manila (LCCM) are already one step ahead as they listened to Carmina Esguerra of Bronze Age Media give a CareerCamp talk about preparing everything – from their resumes to their attire – for their first ever job interview.

    Esguerra gave pointers specifically about the things to include and exclude in resumes, pointing out that the resume should be specifically tailored to the job, and any blatant mistake automatically means elimination. “If you get rid of these mistakes, you will be better than thousands of other fresh graduates and even people who have been working for years,” she added.

    She also talked about branding, and how fresh grads should present themselves to their prospective employers. “The best companies want those who are willing to learn and are enthusiastic,” she mentioned.

    Online presence affecting their employment chances is something fresh grads also need to be aware of, according to the author and career counselor. “You are a generation that has grown up with the internet. The great thing about the internet is that you can find out about anything about any subject. But people
    can [also] find everything about you,” she explained.

    After the talk different companies set up booths at the LCCM auditorium to accommodate students interested in applying for a job. CareerCamp also had a booth where Esguerra entertained queries and gave additional resume writing advice to the students.


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