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Making your Hotel Internship work

Get started on that hotel internship. TRIXIE VELASQUEZ tells you how some people managed their practicum.


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    If you want to learn how to manage a hotel it’s not enough to have all the answers from a book. You can learn more if you actually work in a real hotel.

    Fortunately, Hotel & Restaurant Management courses require students to work in hotels prior to them completing their degree so that they will know firsthand how a hotel works from top to bottom.

    Searching for the right hotel
    Start cracking on finding every hotel in the city that would accommodate you as soon as possible. Do not wait until the last minute to do this because you run the risk of not making it into the best hotels. Quality in a hotel is essential to your learning experience because you will learn how these prestigious hotels are able to offer top quality service.

    Also, most hotels in the country are quite busy and they rarely have the time to accommodate student interns so it would be wise to start making arrangements about four to five months before your internship is set to begin.

    Clarice, a HRM grad from Assumption College, spoke about her experience of not looking for hotels in time. She said, “I put it off [looking for a hotel] until the last minute because I thought that with so many hotels in Manila I would still have a chance to find one a week away from the start of my internship. I should have listened to my classmates and searched for a good hotel way ahead of time, because when I was ready to canvass hotels almost all of the good ones I went to told me off because they already booked every position for other students. I had to make do with less elegant hotels.”

    The reality of hotel internship
    Do everything your supervisor tells you to do during your internship to build good rapport with the hotel and to learn every detail about hotel management. You should also start working on your people skills. It is imperative that you be as cordial as possible to everyone you encounter.

    Grace, a front desk attendant at the Baguio Country Club, said that being polite at all times might be the most difficult requirement for hotel personnel but it is a trait that all employees in the hotel industry should strive to achieve. Grace said, “I encountered an irate client before. He was furious because his newly purchased golf bag had a huge abrasion at the side. I was certain that none of my porters caused that scratch, but since our client was already angry I didn’t tell him that it was his fault. Instead, I apologized for the damage and we would try to help him in any way we can. After a couple of hours the same customer came back and apologized to me for his outburst. It seemed that his tools in the trunk of his car caused the abrasion and he was only quick to blame us because he lost on his golf game earlier. We both laughed at the incident and I told him that it was quite okay and he commended our staff for being so understanding.”

    Hotel internship is an enjoyable experience if you love working in a hotel and it could prove to be very educational and insightful if you open your mind to any experience you’ll find here.


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    1. HU ZHENG 18 January 2014 at 6:43 pm #

      I want to apply for a three-month internship in an international hotel company.

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