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OJT: More fun in Advertising

If fun and creativity is your thing for your future internship, ABIGAIL AZUL would like to introduce you to the wonderful world of advertising.


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    The advertising industry might be one of the most colorful and enjoyable fields to work for. Applying as a trainee in the ad world is probably one of the best experiences you can have in your life.

    Here’s why.

    It depends of course whether you work for the client or the company, the agency or the suppliers but either way you always enjoy perks such as trade launches by the media networks such as TV stations, print, radio or online. Companies also hold trade launches for new products and services. You can meet a lot of people and valuable contacts.

    The work pretty much immerses you into the campaigns and you get a hold of what it feels like to assist in airing an advertisement and waiting for that advertisement to air on TV. Yes, this is one of those industries where you need a TV on in your workplace.

    You also get to be part of their campaigns on set if they require you to. You can see how the whole production is made and you can also see the stars of the ad. You can also try their products and bring home some goodies.

    Need I say more?

    I have to be entirely honest here. One of the major cons is that the industry is time consuming. Attending trade launches, events and productions are not really that necessary but somewhat required. So aside from your 9-6 work schedule you have events after work aside from the occasional overtime. So if you have a curfew, you may not get home on time.

    Since you are starting out, pay might be less than other industries but your market value rises when you have proven your valuable capacity to run a campaign which takes about years. But the experience is still worth it despite the low wage.

    The Job
    Okay, I forgot about the job. Basically as a trainee you will either be assigned as a media assistant or as a liaison officer helping the department set up with an old or new client.

    Personally, my first hand in the ad industry was when I was hired as a temporary executive secretary to the CEO. I usually received calls and packages for the CEO, usual administrative work. The things I most treasured were their brainstorming sessions for which I had to take note. From there, I realized that these are some of the greatest minds at work and I have an opportunity working with them. So despite what position you might get as a trainee, you will still learn the ropes of the industry.

    The advertising industry is perhaps one of most creative industries that keeps the ball rolling for companies. If you consider yourself interested enough, I recommend that you apply to advertising agencies since you can learn a lot on the advertising process through it. However, the marketing and advertising department of companies and media outlets are not a bad choice but somehow your exposure to the field is limited.

    Presently, I work in a social media firm despite my inclination being a graduate of Behavioral Science. I always see now the “selling side” of things and the importance of exposure of a product, service or company’s exposure to the public. I have gained a lot of wisdom including optimism through the experience which may be applicable if I set up my own business someday.


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    One Response to “OJT: More fun in Advertising”

    1. Angela 14 October 2015 at 4:23 pm #

      Good Day!

      I am a Masscomunication graduating student po from Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Marikina. May I ask po if tumatanggap na po kayo for internship? At ano-ano po yung mga requirements. Thank you po!

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