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China Parado on being a Business major: “I want to make sound business decisions that will help me propel my brand forward”

by EWPH Staff


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    China Parado

    Though her original plan was to become a fashion designer, China Parado took her parents’ advice and enrolled in a business course instead. Now in her third year as a Business Administration student at St. Paul University Quezon City, she sees the wisdom behind the choice and thinks it’ll make her a better designer.

    Why did you choose your course/major?
    “I guess I also wanted to be prepared for the business side of fashion. I know there is more to it than just designing. I didn’t want to be just a designer — I want to make sound business decisions that will help me propel my brand forward.”

    What’s been the best thing about it?
    “The best thing about being a business student is knowing that whatever happens, my knowledge of the business world will always come in handy. Business will always be there to move things around and provide opportunities for everyone. As the popular saying goes, businessmen (and women) make the world go round.”

    Unexpected useful skill:
    “Being creative. Somehow, thinking of opportunities to practice my craft and applying whatever I have learned within the four walls of the school, these make me more creative.”

    What are your plans for after graduation?
    “Fashion is where my passion lies, but I don’t think I will get into it right away. I have been offered a position in our family business and I am willingly taking it. Not because it is demanded of me but because it will be good for me.”

    What are you doing to help prepare you for this?
    “Being part of the student council helps me hone my leadership skills, which I will surely need in the near future. Nothing can beat experience. On top of that, I want to achieve even more by graduating with a masters degree in business. In this competitive world, I think it is important to equip oneself with the right skills and attitude: skill and heart can never be separated.”

    Any advice for people considering a business course?
    “I am not a professional yet, but for those who want to take up business, my advice is to be patient. Treat the course as an investment for the future. You wouldn’t go to battle unarmed would you? By attending my classes, actively participating in discussions and activities and being enthusiastic about learning, I am making sure that I have the right tools.”


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    One Response to “China Parado on being a Business major: “I want to make sound business decisions that will help me propel my brand forward””

    1. Rachelle Javier 25 May 2012 at 10:10 am #

      yeah, doing you’re family owned business is a good decision but do not take for granted your passsion in fashion. keep up the good work. maybe someday if you consider another business I can help you. here is my email. jrachellegemme@y.c

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