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Ben Redulla on Real Estate Sales Training: You get to travel, network, and learn

by EWPH staff


16 Jan 2012 Print This Post Print This Post

    Ben Redulla, associate manager for Sales Training and Development, Ayala Land.

    If you’re creative and into theater, would you think about working for… a real estate corporation? Ben Redulla did, and as an associate manager for Sales Training and Development at Ayala Land, he gets to travel, meet people, and satisfy his creativity — while working for a business conglomerate at the same time.

    Best thing about what you do
    “As I facilitate learning among the members of the elite sales force/team, I do not just get to travel, but also get to network with lots of people, and likewise learn from them in the process. Doing this for the company also enriches myself: my self-esteem/confidence gets a boost, and I get to immerse myself in a wealth of experiences.”

    Unexpected useful skill
    “My gift of gab and my flair for theater/arts. Being a trainer — or as I shamelessly call myself, an “entertrainer” — it is an undeniable plus to have excellent communication skills, outstanding rapport with the audience, and a bit of showmanship. After all, nobody likes sitting for hours in a boring, ho-hum presentation.”

    What a college student can do while in school to help them if they want a career like yours?
    “First things first: study hard. The discipline that you get from school will play a vital role when you’re in the corporate world. You learn ‘basic’ things such as being a team player, practicing integrity in exams, working hard to meet a deadline, and doing your best to

    “You must always follow your dreams. Always have a plan and then do what you are most passionate about.”

    make impressive projects/presentations. They’re the same things we do in the office. Our only difference is that we wear a tie and a blazer, and instead of an allowance from our parents, we get a salary.”

    Other advice you might want to share
    “This is most clichéd but you must always follow your dreams. Always have a plan and then do what you are most passionate about. If you are not happy with what you are doing (and can’t find any reason to be), find your happiness elsewhere. Remember that a job will never be considered ‘work’ if it is something that is ‘fun’ for you.”


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